a list featuring key side and course projects

Midzo (2020)> calculate midpoint

A web application calculating the midpoint of the given locations, providing nearby locations for people to meet up for any purpose.


LTI 1.3 Library (2019)> golang library

A port of the LTI 1.3 PHP library to the Go language.

Go OAuth 2.0

Speller (2019)> spell checker

A console-based application displaying all mispelled words given a word dictionary and a text file to scan.

  • Produced a real-world implementation of the hash table data structure, checking aninput's spelling with a file-based database provided by Harvard's online CS-50 course.


Myer's Diff (2019)> file difference checker

A console-based application displaying the differences, given two files, with output customization

  • Recreated the diff command on Linux systems that displays the line-by-line differences between two files.
  • Applied the Myers diff algorithm by abstracting each line of text as a node in a graph to eventually find the shortest edit path for difference calculation.


ed to grep (2019)> regular expression searching

A console-based application displaying the differences, given two files, with output customization

  • Recreated the grep command from an older revision of the ed source code.


mungjar's Portfolio (2018) > creative portfolio site

A web application displaying the artist's previous work and manages client commissions focusing on a easy to use artist experience.

  • Collaborated with artist "mungjar" to design and publish a "artist-first," creative portfolio site by creating a central system for managing commissions and adding artwork to display in a gallery.
  • Leveraged the Discord API to enable single-sign-on (SSO) by working with the OAuth2 system, providing the artist and his clients a private channel for support.

PHP Laravel Python

Sunbae (2017)> video streaming platform

A web application serving videos to users.

  • Designed and implemented a REST API, containing resources such as a full-fledged RSS feed for users to subscribe to.
  • Fetched movie and show information from TheTVDB's public API to grab filler show information.

PHP Laravel

Deskly (2016)> wallpaper generator

A tray-based desktop application that generates wallpapers.

  • Collaborated with another developer to provide an experience for both Mac and Windows users.
  • Utilized the public Reddit API to fetch random images on user-specified subreddits.
  • Stored user settings into their local AppData folder to increase user ease of use.